Objectives of SAPEM 2005

Dear colleagues and friends,

For several decades, porous materials have been widely used for noise and vibration control purposes in building and transportation industries. Theoretical models, numerical prediction tools, engineering expertise and experimental techniques have reached such a maturity that it is opportune to look back on the knowledge acquired so far. The objective of SAPEM 2005 is to gather a limited audience of academic researchers and industrial partners to review the research results and the expertise acquired so far regarding the acoustics of porous media. The aim is also to cover not only theoretical and experimental knowledge about porous materials but to provide time to present examples of industrial applications and point out problems encountered by consultants and industries.

How far have we got and what are the issues which need to be addressed today and tomorrow are two important questions to be discussed during this symposium. Further considerations should concerned the questions on which the research efforts should be concentrated.

The discussion will start with the modeling of sound propagation in porous media and their characterisation. This will then lead to the examination of the tools for calculating the response of a complex system involving porous materials. Finally, new concepts of high acoustic performance porous materials will be presented and discussed.

The organising committee.